A unique place where modernity and tradition merge, right in the heart of the Adamello Park and surrounded by a natural and historic paradise.

A hut best suitable to all the needs of families and small groups of hikers.

For over 20 years, Tita Secchi hut welcomes hikers and mountaineers, surrounded by the nature of Adamello Park, the hut is located at the foot of the south face of Cornone del Blumone, at Lake Vacca, in the Municipality of Breno, in the Province of Brescia.

The hut is the ideal destination to live these places of great appeal to the fullest: cosy, comfortable and equipped, is the perfect starting point to discover the wonderful natural and environmental aspects of these majestic and scenic mountains.
Thanks to the support of Ugolini Society and Lombardy Region, the hut now offers every comfort to live this experience to the fullest.

The building, completely renovated, with the interior divided into rooms with four / six / ten beds, suits best the needs of families and small groups of hikers.
Modern, and able to pass on the values of mountain and of its respect at once, Tita Secchi hut proposes many services ensuring a pleasant stay, in all seasons, even from New Year’s Eve to the Epiphany.


A genuine cuisine, always attentive to the seasonality of raw materials.

The genuine cuisine, always greatly appreciated and attentive to the seasonality of raw materials, offers traditional dishes of the province of Brescia, delicious homemade desserts and a few surprises for the palates looking for new flavours.

Many activities to discover together the magic of mountain.

The environment, so rich and diverse, enables to practice activities for everyone, from the simple hikers to the more experienced sportsmen.

Historic and environmental itineraries

The thrill of discovering

Every hiker, from the beginner to the more experienced one, can discover a fascinating, varied territory with a deep history.

Discovering the typical tastes of Brescia

Eat with gusto

Alda’s restaurant is a real celebration of typical, tasty and genuine Brescia recipes, in harmony with the environment and the seasonal products.

Flora and Fauna in the Adamello Park

Immersion into nature

The hut is located on the southernmost fringes of Adamello, in the park of the same name, in a real natural paradise.

Alda & Gino, together for a great passion

A history of work, satisfactions and love for mountains.

Alda will welcome you in the hearty atmosphere of the hut, she’s the excellent landlady and capable cook; Giacomo Baccanelli (known as Gino) great mountain lover, Mountain Guide since 1987, is convinced that, with a lot of passion and determination, you can live on mountain.
The hut, its services and the helpfulness of the same managers are the reflection of thought, a real philosophy that conceives of the hut as a resource for all.
Gino has realized with great foresight that you learn love and respect for mountain as a child, that’s why he places his experience at the disposal of young people with great energy and enthusiasm; he accompanies them during very special educational excursions, on Valcamonica trails.
Commitment, passion and determination has enabled Alda and Gino to renovate the indoors of the hut, turning it into a point of reference for mountain lovers, whilst remaining faithful to the most genuine nature of this space deeply linked to the environment.

An environmentally friendly hut: a conscious choice, to give these treasures to the future generations.

With sensitivity, love and commitment, we will allow nature to continue surprising us.

During the complex renewal process of the Hut, of its services and of the technologies needed to implement it, technologies have been adopted for a sustainable development.

The environmental awareness has been crucial and has led managers into a series of important infrastructure measures, such as the installation of panels for hot water, panels for the generation of the electricity, pellet stoves and gas radiators and to further optimize the effect of these technologies, the hut has been carefully insulated.

The trail that leads to the hut has been improved, paved according traditional military techniques to enable a more comfortable access to trekkers, horseback riding and mtb lovers. A further advantage of this choice is represented by the possibility of reducing the helicopter flights for the fuel supply at the hut.

Moreover, since 2014 an experimentation with wind turbines is in progress.



A hut surrounded by a territory to discover between sport and nature.