The atmosphere and the warmth of an unforgettable experience for all your senses.

Those who loves it already knows that, and whoever hasn’t done it yet, will figure it out: the mountain purifies our souls, opens our hearts and teaches us our limitations. Loving the mountains means grasping its essence in every moment and the best places of doing this are the huts.


The experience at the Hut teaches to share and to communicate with each other.

Mountain lovers know that the experience in a hut is priceless, that’s why every opening day Tita Secchi hut is committed to welcoming its guests in a warm and pleasant atmosphere and to proposing the traditional dishes, prepared with love and attention to the details. For hikers it’s always like feeling at home, but at a stone’s throw from the sky and with a whole world outside to explore, between sports and intense emotions.

The flavours of the mountain tradition in Alda’s recipes.

Skilful gestures, knowledge of local raw materials, inventiveness and creativity, without ever forgetting the goodness of the mountain culinary tradition: Alda’s cooking can transform a dinner into a memorable moment.

IThe hut proposes simple, but carefully-crafted dishes, prepared with love and attention, where the selection of typical products guarantees healthy food.
Every day Alda cooks real delights to the palate, capable of making everybody agree: from the classical pasta with ragout or tomato sauce, to the vegetable soups and the delicious barley soups, to the manfrigole: scrumptious buckwheat crepes stuffed with béchamel, cheese and mushrooms.
The second courses are pretty good, too: salmì of deer, beef stew, particularly appreciated the “fuso”: mix of melted and oven-roasted cheese , to serve with polenta.
And to finish on a sweet note, homemade cakes, pies, creams with berries and specialties prepared with seasonal fruit. are a must.
Now you just have to sit down at the table and enjoy your meal!

The real pleasure is to be cradled by Morpheus, so close to stars.


After a day through trails, peaks and walls to climb, there’s nothing more fulfilling than a night’s sleep in such a comfortable environment.

Thanks to the renovation works of the hut, the interior offers the possibility to spend the night in rooms with four / six / ten beds, favouring some privacy, without ever losing the magic and the conviviality of your stay in a hut. The wonderful hardwood bunk beds are equipped with mattress, pillows and blankets.
We remind you that the use of sheets or sleeping sheet is mandatory (guests who don’t have it can directly buy the single-use cotton or non-woven sheets at the hut).
The services, with suspended WC, are shared and is comfortably on the bedroom floor. At the hut you can relax into a hot shower and pamper yourself with slippers.



  • Beds: 60 beds
  • Lunch: 80 seats
  • Winter room: 6
  • Cai Discounts
  • Discounts for Groups and Families
  • Opening on Request
  • Sale of sleeping sheet
  • Sheets are available
  • Climbing gym
  • Hot water, electricity, shower
  • Vegetarian menu
  • Menu for people with intolerances


A hut surrounded by a territory to discover between sport and nature.