Tita Secchi: a hut at 2367m easy to reach.

The hut is located in the territory of the Municipality of Breno, at lake Vacca. By car, you can reach about 1800 meters of altitude, both from Camonica Valley and Sabbia Valley. The two valleys join at Crocedomini Pass. You can arrive there also from Trompia Valley, through the Maniva Pass.
The hikes around the lake Vacca have a tradition dating back at least at the beginning of the last century, especially after the construction of the dam, for checks of the internal walls a boat was transported here; it was used for scenic tours on the lake, too.
The summit of Cornone del Blumone has the same fame, for its dark coloration and the position is recognizable from Lake Garda and from the mountains in the province of Lecco.


Trail from Bazena / from Breno or Esine (Camonica Valley)

How to get there

Take the Tonale SS No 42, in Esine or Breno, follow the SS 345 of Crocedomini Pass to Tassara Hut, in Bazena, here you find a parking lot at the left side of the road.
After the parking lot you find a dirt road that, along the trail sign No 1, goes uphill, right up to the Fredda Valley, then, on a long but comfortable and almost flat path, you cross the Pass of Fredda Valley (2321 meters above sea level,) too and, once you pass through Cadino della Banca Valley, you reach the Vacca Pass, where you find the rock in the shape of a bovine, that names the area. You continue along a historic mule track, to reach Lake Vacca, therefore the hut, in about 3 hours in total (600m of elevation gain).

1st Trail Variation from Malga Cadino

You can continue by car over the Crocedomini Pass towards Bagolino, (about 7km) and reach Malga Cadino of Banca in Cadino Valley, here you leave your car on the road, the parking spaces are on the right side, then you continue along a dirt road (trail sign 19) leading to Corna Bianca (limestone emerging from the Valley) where the trail, paved since late summer of 2012, allows to walk comfortably and, after several slopes, it reaches the last stretch coming from Bazena and it leads to the Vacca Pass; here you continue on a historic mule track, to reach the Lake from above, you descend below the wall of the dam, then you climb up again to the hut (700m of elevation gain, about 2 hours) On the way back, you can take the trail that under the wall of the dam heads toward the Vacca Pass, on a less scenic, but shorter route.
The dirt road from Malga Cadino to Corna Bianca with rough terrain is accessible by an off-road and four-wheel drive vehicle; so you save about 45minutes’ walk.

How to get there by public transport

The hut is located in the municipality of Breno, served by the railroad, Brescia-Edolo line, and by the Milano-Bergamo-Ponte di Legno –Tonale busline; but once you reach the centre of the village, you have to turn to a private service to travel the 20 km from here to the trailhead; there is another path climbing through the hamlets of Pescarzo, Astrio and Campolaro, to the locality Bazena, it’s a rather challenging route with an elevation gain of about 1500m. If you intend to use the public transport, it’s advisable to access from the Sabbia Valley: Brescia-Bagolino, Gaver line.

From Bagolino (Sabbia Valley) Trail from Gaver

How to get there

You can go up by car to the vicinity of the Tavern – Locanda – in the Plane of the same name, (high probability of parking), you continue on foot on the plain, and on the left, near a little church, you find a trail that reaches the wide mule track leading to the Alpine summer pastures – Malghe (Lower then Upper) of Laione.
Above the alpine summer pasture, through the ruins of Casinello di Laione, the trail lies on the orographic right of the valley and leads to the basin of the Lake (860m of elevation gain, indicative time 2 hours).

2nd Trail Variation from Malga Cadino

Even from Bagolino you can continue on the provincial road of Crocedomini Pass, to Malga Cadino, then you can choose the less steep route described as 1° variation.


In the winter season, the Crocedomini Pass is closed; sometimes, in case of a lot of snow, even the access roads to the locality Bazena on the side of the Camonica Valley, and to the locality Gaver on the side of the Sabbia Valley are closed. To reach the Tita secchi hut at lake Vacca you have to calculate a hike of approximately 4 hours for the outward route and bit less for the return. You can access both from Bazena and Gaver, but the winter paths don’t correspond with the summer trails. The snow cover isn’t the same every year, but it’s always advisable to be equipped with snowshoes or skis for ski mountaineering. We recommend the use of shovel, artva and probe.

From Breno or Esine (Camonica Valley) locality BAZENA

The place of departure is the parking lot in Bazena: the first part goes up pretty much like the summer dirt road up to the alpine summer pasture in Fredda Valley, here a stretch is level, parallel to the summer pasture up to a notice board; once you reach it, you turn right towards the Asina Pass (somebody calls it Capre Pass) then you continue, heading to the bottom of the little valleys which lead to the pass between Mount Cadino and Mount Mattone. Once you get there, you cross it to enter the Cadino Valley, you have to descend to the alpine summer pasture of Dossi Alta, then you continue the crossing of the valley, among “small bumps” you head towards the Vacca Pass, clearly visible, you run along the Lake Nero then you follow almost the same itinerary of the new trail. You have to be familiar with the area and the mountains as a whole, depending on the snow cover you could find potentially dangerous stretches, that must be bypassed, even if it means a descent to a lower altitude. The most challenging stretch in terms of steepness is the last one, which leads to the Vacca pass; here the path, mostly flat, continues towards the lake.

From Bagolino (Sabbia Valley) locality GAVER

The place of departure is the rear of Blumon Break Hotel, the first part goes up in the middle of the woods, you, then you walk parallel to the ski slopes Gaver and you arrive at the Goletto Gaver and through the path of the closed provincial road, you reach Malga Cadino, you turn right for a first stretch, then you move to the middle or to the left of the valley, so that you join the slope from Asina pass, then you flank the Lake Nero; from here, the steepest stretch preceding the Vacca pass; once you cross it, the quite flat slope continues towards the lake. You have to be familiar with the area and the mountains as a whole, depending on the snow cover you could find potentially dangerous stretches, that must be bypassed, even if it means a descent to a lower altitude.


A hut surrounded by a territory to discover between sport and nature.